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The new Website i go to is see you there!


clubpenguin have open a test server for penguins that want to test. and there is a new party!

the new game came out yeaterday if you win you get a golden pin.

the new catolog will come out just wanted to say that

untitled.pngThe new fiesta party came out today there isuntitled.jpg
one new free item its the maracas and a new pin. And also there is a new igloo catalog came out.

Yo watta up people. since the real of this web who is bluefire added me. Im now his helper! Isnt that great! but i have invited bluefire already to my website! but right now he hasnt gotten the email yet. Bluefire check your email not your yahoo please!


Rockhoppers coming back i hope in one piece his ship crashed by that mini piece of the iceburge here is a picture of what it looks likerock.jpg

hello sixboys new website it and i will not quit my wordpress

im thinking of deleting this blog …. its not working outi will post if i want to keep it